A comprehensive range of Multi Fuel / Wood Burning stoves from Town and Country Fires

Since 1977, Town and Country Fires of Yorkshire have been delivering high quality stoves at great prices. Our family-run business based in Pickering in North Yorkshire specialises in multifuel and wood burning stoves which are economical and eco-friendly and are up to 84% efficient. Our expertise in this industry has led Town and Country Fires to develop and manufacture some of the best wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves worldwide. Take the Little Thurlow stove for example, this effective wood burning stove has been developed to be used in smoke controlled areas and is exceptionally clean burning. Whether you are in the market for a wood burning stove, a gas stove or multifuel stove, with a Town and Country Stove you can ensure that you & your family and your home are warm for many years to come.

All our stoves are designed and manufactured in Pickering, North Yorkshire.  British Made

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Internet Policy

Town and Country Fires recommend that customers buy Town and Country Stoves only from a local, recognised stockist. If products are purchased from a non-approved source, we cannot guarantee that the product purchased is an up-to-date model with the latest features, nor can we be sure that the potential customer will have been given the best advice regarding suitability and installation.  We point out that there is no contract between Town and Country Fires and the customer, their contract is with the supplier and our contract is with the dealer only.

A customer buying through the internet can have no redress via us and will be passed back through the chain if necessary.

Annual Holidays – 2013 Our factory, office and showroom will be closed from 5pm  Friday 2nd August  re open Monday 12th AugustAdditional Showroom Opening 23rd July 2013

We are opening a second showroom just opposite our existing showroom in Pickering. We will be displaying our multi fuel stoves many in colours such as Shimmering Rose, Surf Sand, Almond, Pewter and Metallic Blue along with our latest model the Double Sided Welburn

Our new showroom will also showcase a range of Biomass Boilers that we are the sole importers of. The range includes complete Fireplace Suites, Inset Stoves, Freestanding Boilers and a Central Heating Cooker. These can be fuelled by wood and / or wood pellets. With the option of heating radiators or warm air through ducts.

Show dates 2013

We will have a stand at the following local shows ;

Yorkshire Show – 9th – 11th July Stand No. 527

Driffield Show – 17th July Stand No. U277

Ryedale Show – 30th July Stand No. G2

Egton Show – 21st August Stand No.7 Lane 3

New Model receives an award at International Exhibition

The Caedmon won a finalist award for Wood and Multi Fuel
Appliance of the Year.

Our stoves now have a ten year guarantee – January 2012

 Upon purchasing a Town and Country Multi fuel stove   Please complete the enclosed warranty form to upgrade to a free ten year guarantee.  Please note to qualify for this the stove must be purchased from a local approved dealer and installed by a competent person to current Building Regulations.

Inset Rosedale now available – 13 July 2010New Laser – 31st March 2010 Our new Trumpf laser is now installed and is up and running.  It has taken about four weeks to take the old laser out and to install this new laser.  This laser has the lift master compact, it loads sheets of steel on and off the laser bed and it can even run all night.Above – Trumpf trulaser 3030 in our factory.