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New for the 2017 Autumn/Winter season, the CROPTON stove has outstanding low emissions!

In 2022, new ‘ECODESIGN’ legislation is due to take effect. All stoves made after this date must be officially & independently tested to have CO emissions of 0.1% or lower. In an effort to ‘future-proof’ our stove line, the new CROPTON stove has already been put through these rigorous tests, and has come away with CO Emissions of only 0.05%, an amazing 50% below the ‘ECODESIGN’ standard. This shows just how clean burning the CROPTON truly is.

The CROPTON is also our first ‘slimline’ 5kw stove – a larger than average yet slim depth body allows a striking large view of the flames, making the CROPTON a perfect choice for most average size rooms. To add an even more luxurious feel, the CROPTON is also available with an Outside Air Kit’ which can be controlled by remote, so you are able to adjust the flames from the comfort of your sofa!

For full details of the new CROPTON stove, please click here.