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  • Air Heating
  • In 3 versions – Front, Squared and L-Shaped
  • With corner or front fire
  • Ultrathin: 28cm deep only!
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Fireflector Combustion Chamber
  • Built-in Humidifier
  • Primary Air
  • Electronic Control Unit with Remote Control
  • Flue in two options (Top or Back)


Prearranged for Canalization

Ductable up to 6 metres with an optional ventilation kit (right, left or right+left). The exit temperature and the flow depend from the canalization course (as an example, with a canalization of about 6 metres with 2 elbows; values of 75°C and 80 m3/h). Moreover it is possible to set the temperature in the canalized rooms with a thermostat or with an ambient probe (both optional).

  1. Exchanger made of special steel with double wall and Fireflector Coated Combustion Chamber. Its particular construction allows to fully exploit the heat produced by combustion, thus obtaining high efficiencies..
  2. Automatic Brazier Cleaning.
  3. Built-in Humidifier | Patented, it guarantees a healthy warmth and helps prevent physiological problems such as sore throat, headache, allergies. A few drops of scented or balsamic essences can be added to the water.
  4. The version with L-shaped glass allows a Broader View on the Flame, even in small spaces.
  5. Quiet.
  6. Flamecontrol | Automatic system for the pellet combustion control: higher efficiency, lower waste.
  7. Primary Air | Airtight system taking 100% of combustion air from the outside, thus not taking air from the room. Ideal for homes with a low energy consumption.