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Techna | Arte – Water

  • FUEL: pellets
  • HEATABLE AREA*: up to 250 m
  • SAVINGS**: on the cost of pellets compared to gas
  • WARRANTY: 3 years


Jolly-Mec water heating stoves are true heating systems that can independently heat the entire dwelling with radiators or low-temperature systems (floor, skirting) and can also work in parallel with other heat sources (gas boiler, solar panels, storage heaters). They are easy to use as they burn pellets, an ecological fuel that is easy to purchase and store and, thanks to the electronic control unit, operation is automatic. The water heating stoves are available in different stylish versions, called Techna, Arte and Classe. The models are made of different materials, among which ceramics, and with many decoration and colour variants. They come in 2 capacities: from 2,5 to 16,47 kW and from 2,5 to 21,74 kW.

Complete Supplies

They are supplied complete with the plumbing kit, electronic control unit with remote control, innovative pellet burner with bottom feeding, removable ash pan, pellet hopper of 40 kg., large ceramic glass door with safety opening mechanism, fume extraction fan with safety devices, automatic boiler fume wash cleaning mechanism.