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With so much misinformation about ECO Design stoves, here we try to clear up the confusion and answer some of the question we are asked most frequently. For official information from the bodies creating and enforcing the ECO Design legislation, or if you have a question that’s not answered here, please check out the detailed information available from HETAS & the SIA.

What is ECO Design?

New laws on acceptable emissions outputs on woodburning and multifuel stoves.

When does it come into effect?

On the 1st of January 2022.

What does ECO Design Ready mean?

Though this new legislation doesn’t come into effect for a couple more years, stoves can be tested against the new limits. Any stove that has already been approved this way can be called ECO Design Ready.

Will I need to replace my existing stove by January 1st 2022?

No. This legislation will only apply to stoves bought/installed after January 1st 2022. You can keep using your stove until it needs replacing.

What sort of fuel should I burn on an ECO Design stove?

Like any stove, to get the best efficiency and lowest emissions, you should burn only dry seasoned wood, and approved smokeless fuel where applicable. Do not burn scrap wood, wood treated with chemicals or paint, damp wood, house coal, or any other unapproved smokeless fuel. Not all stoves are designed to burn smokeless fuel – the general rule is if your stove has a grate and ashpan it has been designed to burn both wood and smokeless fuel.

Can I buy an ECO Design stove with a boiler attached?

It’s highly unlikely. A boiler, whether for radiators or hot water, drastically reduces the efficiency of a stove, which increases emissions. It would be incredibly difficult to manufacture a boiler stove that could pass the tight ECO Design limits.

Can I have an ECO Design stove if I live in a smoke control zone?

Though the limits for smoke control stoves and ECO Design stoves differ slightly, all Town & Country ECO Design stoves are suitable for use in smoke control zones.

How is an ECO Design stove different from an normal stove?

Our ECO Design stoves have taken the principles from our already very efficient and low emissions stoves, and fine-tuned them to reduce the emissions to the lowest possible – beating the new ECO Design standards by up to ??%. You can use an ECO Design stove in just the same way as a normal stove.

Should I just install an open fire instead?

No! This is the worst thing to do. Open fires are highly inefficient and give off much higher emissions than any stove. Wood burnt on open fires is a major issue and cause of pollution especially in big cities. According to the SIA, ECO Design Ready stoves can reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old stove.

Is there going to be a ban on stoves?


What about my gas fire or boiler?

Separate legislation applies to gas fires, stoves and boilers. Please see the HETAS website for more information.

Is an ECO Design stove better for the environment?

ECO Design stoves emit much lower levels of CO2, Hydro carbons, NOx, and particulates, which contributes toward DEFRA’s clean air strategy to cut air pollution and save lives. This new strategy is a key part of DEFRA’s 25 year plan to leave our environment in a better state than we found it. Ultimately it is down to each individual to evaluate the impact they make on the environment and make the best choice they can to reduce emissions, waste, and carbon footprint.