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As the nights draw in and the prospect of a cold and gloomy winter hits us, what better way to enjoy those winter months than by warming up next to one of our stoves? For many, installing a brand new stove comes with many questions and confusion, so here at Town & Country Fires, we want to help answer those burning questions and ensure you come away with the perfect stove for you.

Why should I opt for a wood-burning stove over an open fire?

Open fires are incredibly inefficient at storing and maintaining heat, it would require burning a lot more logs and therefore having higher running costs. With a wood-burning stove, you can save up to two-thirds of logs, as getting more heat, as you can control your stove much more.

Is there a difference between multi-fuel stoves and wood-burning stoves?

Whilst similar in design and appearance, a multifuel stove burns not only wood but coal or wood pellets, whereas a wood-burning stove is made to just burn wood. The difference between the two is on a practical level, with multi-fuel stoves having a removable ash pan and a grate for the fire to burn on, whereas, with a wood-burning stove, it has a metal fore box with air controls.

Are they safe and easy to use?

When you get your stove installed to your home, there will also be an explanation about how to maintain the stove, and how to use it safely. Compared to open fires, stoves are much easier to use as they light much more quickly and easily. Another huge aspect that makes stoves much easier to navigate is the fact you are in much more control of the heat. Stoves also produce much less ash than an open fire and because of the nature of the stove being opened and shut by a secure door, meaning the ash is contained.

What are solid fuel stoves?

Similar to a multifuel stove, solid fuel stoves simply can burn more substances such as coal, wood, grains, and pellets.

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