Harrogate (Discontinued)

  • 8 kW output
  • 80.7% Efficient on Wood
  • British Made
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+
  • Energy Efficiency Index: 107%
  • Brilliant airwash system
  • Suitable for a 12mm Hearth
  • 6” diameter flue (top flue only)
  • Multifuel
  • Simple controls
  • Built in Tertiary Air
  • Optional Outside Air Kit – Manual or Remote Control
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Handle
  • Maximum log length 400mm
  • Viewing area – 320mm wide x 355mm high approx.
  • Weight 92kg


The Harrogate stove is a future classic – simple and sleek, perfectly balanced between a modern and traditional look. The Harrogate would look at home anywhere! With it’s taller build, large glass window, and simple lever controls you’ll always get a brilliant view of the fire.

The large glass window benefits from a built-in air wash, which keeps the glass clean and clear much longer than most stoves. On top of all this, the Harrogate also has tertiary air technology, which re-ignites gases from the fuel to give you more heat and a cleaner burn. Both of these technologies, as well as the main airflow to the fire are controlled by the two simple levers at the bottom of the stove.

Colour Options

Like all of our stoves, the Harrogate is available in black as standard, with a large selection of colours available at a small extra charge. The special paint we use is extremely resistant to high temperatures.

Outside Air & Remote Control

The Harrogate can be supplied with an outside air kit, which is now a requirement in a lot of new build properties, and this version is also available with remote control if required.

Patent granted on rear inlet for secondary air, tertiary air system and remote control.

Harrogate Manual


Harrogate Installation & User Instructions