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The Victorian stove was a huge multi-functional appliance, used to heat the home, cook on, and boil water, often for whole families to wash with. But long gone are the days of a stove taking up an entire wall in a dwelling. We make a wide range of medium and small stoves, perfect for holiday homes, garden rooms, and small houses. And it’s not only small models that can save space. Here are three ingenious ways that you can make the most of your room with a Town and Country Fires stove.

Choose an inset stove

Inset stoves are nestled into a wall or chimney breast so that the front of the stove lies flush against the wall. If you are tight on space but don’t want to compromise on the size of your woodburning or multi-fuel stove, and the dramatic impact it creates, then this is an ideal solution for you. Our Rosedale Inset Smoke Control Eco Design ready model is a sleek and stylish inset stove, which also has the special feature of drawing in cold air from the room and then naturally convecting heat into the room, generating more warmth and saving you money on bills.

Go for a cylindrical design

A cylindrical stove exactly the same width as a rectangular or square stove takes up much less space because it has no corners. Though it may seem obvious to say, the curve of the design actually saves on valuable square footage as well as being a design feature for your home. Take the Langdale ECO Smoke Control model which comes in two different heights, allowing it to be adapted to smaller fireplaces.

Simply buy smaller

The Alandale Wood Burning stove is our latest model and is the smallest in our collection. It boasts a 4.6kW heat output and is smoke control and Eco Design Ready. Our more compact models are designed and installed using the same high quality of technology and workmanship. As someone very wise once said: small is beautiful, and here at Town and Country Fires, we couldn’t agree more.