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Time to plan

Choosing the right wood-burning or solid fuel stove is a decision worth deliberating over. Depending on your property and your space, you may also need to redecorate or redesign your room to accommodate your new purchase. All of these elements take time to line up perfectly, and the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed at a time of year when you may actually rely on your stove to heat your house. Get ahead of the game and start your search now.

More availability for fitting

The peak time for buying and installing stoves is the autumn. But even though the instinct to buy an appliance that gives off warmth when temperatures are creeping down might make sense, it’s far from the most practical choice. With more people having the same idea in the colder months, stove fitters will be busier than at any other time. Not only could this mean that you have to wait or go for an inconvenient slot, but you also run the risk of a fitter cashing in on the demand and charging you over the odds or even rushing the installation.

Easier to sweep

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. If you need to get your chimney swept before having your new stove installed, then the milder, brighter spring months make this altogether more pleasant for both you and your chimney sweep. It’s also the time of year when clearing out and revamping feels more natural, so why not combine this with upgrading your tired fireplace or electric heater to a stunning wood-burning or multi-fuel stove?

Use it before summer

In classic British style, we experience a few sunny days and decide that summer is here to stay. But if the past few weeks have reminded us of anything, it’s that English weather remains as unpredictable and changeable as always. With reports of record-breaking spring highs, followed by freak snowstorms, there could well be the chance to get some real use out of your stove for weeks or even months to come. Don’t get complacent and assume you’ll only need it in the winter.