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If you are in the market for your first wood-burning or multifuel stove, it can be difficult to know what advice to believe and what to ignore. Even if you are simply looking to replace or upgrade an existing burner, you need to be confident that you can separate the facts from fiction. Here are 3 myths about stoves that we are only too happy to debunk.

You can burn anything on a stove

This is a common misconception that can cause real problems for the proper running of your stove. Only approved fuels can be burnt on most stoves. For wood-burning stoves that means only dry and seasoned wood with a maximum moisture content of 20%. Make sure that you don’t burn liquid fuel, wood pellets, rubbish, household coal or anthracite on any stoves from the Town & Country range. A full list of appropriate fuels for closed burners can be found on the Hetas website

Stoves are dirty and difficult to upkeep

Gone are the days of soot-covered Dickensian chimney sweeps and their miserly masters. Our range of classic and contemporary stoves are sleek and self-cleaning. Our models are designed so that burnt material falls to the bottom into an ashpan and can be removed simply and quickly. How often you need to thoroughly clean your stove depends wholly on how much use it gets, but deep cleans are generally only necessary two or three times a year.

All stoves are going to be banned soon

If you are worried about making an investment in a stove because you have heard that the government’s clean air regulations are soon going to make them all illegal, then let us put your mind at rest. Even though house coal and wet wood are already being phased out, and Eco Design legislation will come to pass from next year, this is not a ban on either wood or solid fuel burning stoves. We have a whole range of Eco Design ready and Clear Skies Marked stoves that you can rest assured will stand the test of time.