Why should I choose a steel stove?

Steel is stronger and more durable than cast iron, as the seams are welded together, whereas cast iron stoves are bolted and sealed with fire cement or rope. In time these bolts corrode and the stove is not airtight and becomes unusable.

Cast iron is also very brittle and may crack if heated up too quickly. Town and Country steel stoves will expand and contract through operation, and should last 50 years or more.

What fuel can I burn on my Town & Country Stove?
On all our Muti Fuel stoves the following fuels are suitable; Dry and Seasoned Wood Logs with a maximum moisture content of 20% An Approved Smokeless Fuel – A Comprehensive list of approved fuels for Closed Appliances is available on the Hetas website. www.hetas.co.uk Do Not Burn – A Liquid Fuel, Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Rubbish, Household Coal, Petroleum Based Fuels, Petrocoke, Burnwell or Anthracite on your stove. Using a non approved fuel on your stove may cause damage to your stove and will be not covered by our guarantee. FUELS WHICH CAN AND CAN NOT BE USED
Who can install a Town & Country Stove?

A Wood Burning/Multi Fuel Stove is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ product. The stove must be installed by a Qualified Installer, the stove must be installed to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and to all Local Building Regulations, National and European Standards. Your Local Approved Dealer will be able to advise you of Qualified Installers in your area.

Where can I purchase a Town & Country Stove From?

We have a network of Approved Dealers. To qualify for the free ten year guarantee on your stove it does need to be installed by a Qualified Installer and purchased from a Local Approved Dealer. Please contact us via the contact page to find your Local Approved Dealer. Our Approved Dealers have our stoves on display and knowledge of our products.

Where can I purchase new door rope for my Town & Country Stove?

The rope used in all our stove doors is bespoke to our models. We do recommend the correct rope is used to maintain a good seal. The door handle is threaded so this can be adjusted as the rope wears with time to maintain a good seal. Rope kits can be purchased when required from the Approved Dealer where the stove was originally purchased.

If a fire-brick cracks do I need to replace it?
If a fire-brick cracks it is no detriment to the operation of the stove. Some of our larger models of stove have the rear brick in 2 pieces when manufactured. Over time if the brick disintegrates it will need replacing, bricks are a consumable item and are there to protect the body of the stove. When you require a new brick or any spares for your Town and Country Stove these can be purchased from the Approved Dealer where the stove was originally purchased.