Buying your stove

Town and Country Fires recommend that customers buy Town and Country Stoves only from a local, recognised stockist. This will ensure you will receive the best advice regarding suitability and installation. 

Buying from an approved source will also mean that the product purchased is an up-to-date model with the latest features. 

We point out that there is no contract between Town and Country Fires and the customer, their contract is with the supplier and our contract is with the dealer only. 

A customer buying through the internet or out of the serviceable area can have no redress via us and will be passed back through the chain if necessary.


Free 10 Year Guarantee

There is a Guarantee form with every wood burning / solid fuel stove, this covers the workmanship of the stove for 12 months, but as long as the guarantee form is completed and returned to us and the above conditions have been complied with, then the guarantee is upgraded to ten years. 

Your local approved stockist will be able to advise you on suitability and installation. They will also be able to supply you with any spares in the future.


Should you choose a Cast Iron Or Steel Stove? 

Steel is stronger and more durable as the seams are welded together, whereas cast iron stoves are bolted and sealed together with fire cement or rope. In time the bolts corrode and the stove is not airtight and not usable. Also, cast iron is very brittle and may crack if heated up too quickly. 

The Town and Country stoves will expand and contract through operation and should last for 50 years or more. In the past bridges were all built of cast iron, but for the same reasons, they are not anymore. 

A Town and Country stove is one of the most efficient stoves on the market, up to 85% efficient as you can see by reading our brochure, so you can be assured you are buying a top-quality stove at a reasonable price, which will keep your family and home warm for many years to come. 


Ensure you get genuine Town & Country spare parts

Just like a car, a stove may occasionally need a small repair or a spare part. For optimal running and durability of your stove, we only recommend buying genuine spare parts. 

Genuine Town & Country spare parts can only be sourced from the Approved Local Dealer a stove is purchased from. Please ask your Approved Local Dealer for more information regarding spare parts. 

Genuine Town & Country glass has our logo in the bottom right corner.


Advice on Burning Wood 

Wood ought not to be burnt on a stove if it is not seasoned and dry, you pollute the atmosphere, tar up your chimney, and chimney fires are caused. 

Wood needs to be no more than 20% moisture content, and when buying wood straight from a local log supplier, they will not usually be dried and seasoned. 

Logs don’t dry in a garage, they need to be out in the open, preferably with just a roof or cover over them. When seasoned wood is burnt on a very efficient stove, you can produce over 5kW of heat per hour using only 1.5kg of wood – which is the equivalent of two hardwood logs, roughly 6” long x 3” diameter. 

Interesting Fact… Wood is a Carbon Neutral Fuel When trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. When wood is burnt in a stove or left to rot, it will release the same amount of carbon dioxide.


Minimum Clearances, Dimensions & Emissions Comparison Chart

View our PDF here


Please note

Town and Country Fires continually strive to improve their products and therefore reserve the right to alter any specifications without prior notice. The photos on this website are for illustrative purposes only.