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A Family Business

Town and Country Fires is a family run business based in Pickering on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Once farmers, the Thurlow family took the big decision to diversify and as a consequence started the stove business in 1977.

Gaining a wealth of experience over the years and using a combination of old and new techniques has led to the company developing and manufacturing some of the best, energy efficient, solid fuel and wood burning stoves in the world.

Fully Accredited

The full range of solid fuel and wood burning stoves all carry certified efficiency ratings and comply with BS EN 13240 : 2001 + A2 : 2004 and BS EN 13229 : 2001 + A1: 2003 + A2 : 2004. They are also Hetas approved and C.E. marked. Town and Country Fires are accredited to BS EN ISO:9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Clean Burning Stoves

All our stoves have an air wash to the glass, which works extremely well. Most have tertiary air at the rear of the fire box too, which burns off gases at the back of the fire that do not normally ignite, thus giving a very clean burn, causing less pollution in the atmosphere. Town and Country Fires are one of the very few stove people who actually make the stoves from start to finish. We design and perfect the combustion in the stoves, so that they out-perform some of the very best stoves across the world.

British Made, Finished by Hand

We buy the best British steel, cut it accurately with a laser cutter, then bend it with a C.N.C. press. The metal formed shapes are then passed to our robot welder which produces high penetration and extremely accurate joints. Once the bodies have been produced in this way, they are finished by hand, which includes shot blasting to enable a good penetration of paint. Some of the stoves are completely hand made, by staff who have worked for us for many years.

 Eco Design Ready Stoves 

The majority of the Town and Country range of wood / solid fuel stoves are Eco Design Ready. These models have been designed, tested and built to the Eco Design 2022 legislation. Currently in the UK the Co/Co2 emissions standard is 1% and in Europe it is 0.35%. From January 2022 this will be reduced to 0.12% in both the UK and Europe. Our Eco Design Ready stoves are  significantly below the emissions requirements of 2022, ranging from 50% to 73% below the 2022 directive. Eco Design 2022 is a new directive to reduce stove emissions and improve stove efficiencies, The Emissions that are been reduced are CO2, NOx, Din Particulates and Hydro Carbons. Our Eco Design stoves are both SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) Eco Design Ready and HETAS Eco Design Compliant.


Clear Skies Mark

Clear Skies Mark is a new industry st

andard it is a certification mark on stove emissions and efficiency for wood / solid fuel stoves. Level 2 denotes Eco Design Ready, Level 3 means Eco Design Ready and Smoke control approved. The requirement for a stove to be rated at Level 4 is Eco Design Compliant, Smoke Control approved and 15% overall improvement on level 3. Level 5 is a further 15% improvement of level 4. Ratings are capped at level 5.