5 failsafe ways to decorate around your stove

A stove is a statement design piece. Our range of multifuel and wood-burning stoves are individually crafted in-house using only the best British steel. Each one is fitted with air washed glass and then finished by hand by our experienced staff. The timeless designs we offer suit a range of homes and styles.

When decorating around your stove, safety must come first. Be aware of the materials that you use near a heat source. Having your stove near plasterwork, for example, can cause cracks in the plaster. But there is no shortage of ways to safely make your stove work with your space. Here are our 5 favourite tips to guarantee that your new stove catches eyes and turns heads.

Raised Hearth

This is the classic. Having a non-combustible slab of material at the bottom of a fireplace is a requirement for all wood-burning and solid fuel burning stoves. Selecting a smooth granite, sleek marble or sturdy stone hearth will elevate it in more ways than one.

Corner Fitting

If you are tight on space, then having your stove fitted in a corner could be the practical solution you need. We have compact models in our store, which make the perfect corner focal point for a cosy room.

Stone Work

The traditional look of many of our stoves lends itself to a stone backdrop. Depending on the room, this can add a twist to a modern space or complete a rustic look. You can buy stone slabs from most home and garden centres.

Bright Colours

Paint a bold colour behind your stove to guarantee that it stands out. If you’re nestling your stove in an alcove, this is also a brilliant way to stop it from fading into the background. Choose a contrasting colour for maximum impact.


If your stove is destined for an expansive, open-plan space then you should seriously consider letting it stand alone in the centre of a room. The flue can act as a feature, portioning space off for different uses. So rather than hiding it away in a nook, why not let your stove take centre stage?