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Wood burning stoves are often featured in lifestyle magazines, and for good reason. The high heat output and warm glow from a stove is incredibly cosy, plus it can be a real centrepiece in any living room. With a range of styles to choose from you will certainly find one to suit the style of your home. From period properties to modern dwellings, there’s a wood burning stove to suit.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, wood burning stoves are a wise financial choice. Having a wood burning stove in your home can save you money on your winter fuel bills. Here’s how…

Heat efficiency

Wood burning stoves can certainly churn out some heat. With the fire roaring there’s plenty of heat to go around. Open your living room door and share the heat around the rest of your home. Rather than having the central heating on all evening, you might find the stove generates enough heat, or if it’s particularly cold outside, just turn on the radiators in the rest of the house before bed. This is a great way of saving on your central heating bills, but still enjoying a warm home. Wood burners are also a magnet for the whole family to gather around, so with more people in one room, you won’t need to spend money and energy heating the rest of the house.


Gas is particularly unkind to the environment, and the cost of gas central heating seems to increase regularly. The fuel bill for your central heating arrives after you’ve heated your home all winter, so it’s not always easy to budget for fuel costs. On the other hand, wood is a renewable energy source which can be stored at home, so if you buy your logs in advance you can carefully budget your heating bills over the winter. Save yourself some more money by buying wood in bulk from a reliable vendor and keep an eye on what you’ve spent on fuel over the winter.

A cosy fire in your home

Look online at Town and Country Fire’s range of wood burning stoves and start picturing a cosy fire in your home. Stoves are available through an approved stockist, local to you.