How to stay safe and warm this Christmas

As we prepare for the festive season, the images of warm cosy fires are abundant. Many people invest in stoves and burners to really get into the spirit of the season, and lots for the very first time. Here is how new stove owners can enjoy their new clean heat source safely.

Keep it clear

It may be very tempting to adorn your stove with decorations, photos and other seasonal regalia, but this is the worst thing you can do. Though we assure the highest quality in all our products, your stove will still heat up considerably. Keeping your stove and the surrounding area clear is the best way to prevent fires and damages.

Grate ideas

If you have young children or pets in the house, one of the best ways to keep them safe is to invest in a grate. These come in a huge array of styles and sizes to suit your space and keep any curious fingers or paws safely out of harm’s way. Many are foldable or collapsible, and can be tucked neatly away for showing off your fireplace to older guests.

Proper packing

When stacking your stove, ensure that you do not overpack it. It can be very tempting to get a nice roaring fire going from the start, but this can cause fall-out when going to re-stack. Wood also produces a lot of smoke, which can cause issues for those with breathing difficulties. Start with a smaller stack and replenish frequently. We suggest investing in heatproof gloves for when the fire really starts heating up.

Scrubbing up well

One of the easiest ways to keep your stove looking wonderful and working at full capacity is to keep it clean. Too much build-up of waste can lead to flue issues and decrease ventilation. Always clean your stove before use – the ashes are a fantastic eco-friendly way to keep the glass clean. Simply mix with water and wipe gently with a kitchen towel to leave your door glass gleaming.

Shop our full range today and find your perfect stove for a truly merry and bright holiday.