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Winter is rolling in, and soon it will reach near-freezing temperatures. If you’re a warm weather person, you might be wondering how to heat your house up efficiently – especially because you’ll likely be spending a lot more time in it this winter than previous years! You can, of course, turn the heating on – but if you’re worried about a high energy bill, here are some ways that you can stay warm this winter!

Layer up

Good old fashioned layering up is one surefire way to stay warm and cosy. Adding layers, rather than just wearing thicker clothes, will ensure that you stay toasty. This is because it is the trapped air inside each layer that mainly keeps you warm. If you don’t have any oversized jumpers, these are great for layering purposes!

Hot water bottles

Hot water bottles aren’t just for when you’re sick – they are actually a great way to stay warm when your house or apartment is freezing cold! You can fill them up and sit with them while working, and have one in bed if the nights are cold. They are a great alternative to having the radiator blazing hot all night.

Change to your winter duvet

Speaking of the night, make sure that you have a winter duvet. These are generally a lot thicker than summer duvets and provide more insulation, keeping you toasty right until dawn! Most stores that sell duvets also sell winter duvets, and you can put your normal duvet cover on.

Invest in a multifuel stove

This is a big investment at first, but it will be cost-effective in the long run. Multifuel stoves are the best way to heat a small house or apartment up quickly – the heat travels well and retains easily. It does obviously cost to get it installed, but you will eventually make big savings on your energy bill.

Plus, multifuel stoves are lovely to look at, and add a rustic charm to your home – they’re a great addition to any living room or bedroom!

As you can see, there are lots of ways to stay warm this winter without flicking the heating switch on!