Positive mental health and lower bills: Reasons to love your burner!

From the earliest days of mankind, the safety, warmth and solidarity provided by a real fire have been hard-wired into our collective DNA. A recent study by the University of Alabama found that time spent in front of a roaring fire reduced participants’ blood pressure by 5%. This pleasing statistic, however, is not news to those of us who simply couldn’t live without our wood-burning or solid fuel stoves.

Burners have calming effects

The calming effect of sitting in front of a lit fireplace is undeniable. The soft, flattering ambient light, the soothing crackle and roar of the logs, the warmth gently making its way to one’s weary feet. The very act of starting a good blaze in a handsome burner puts an end to the worries of the day and sends a smoke signal of quiet satisfaction from your chimney. The simple fact is that whether or not you have someone to share the experience with, you are never alone with a good fire.

They boost house values

Interestingly, the benefits go beyond this. Homeowners and landlords alike can expect to cash in on their character fire features. Homes with real fires and stoves weigh in at 5% above the average market cost of homes without them and more people than ever are opting to uncover grates and fireplaces long since covered up.

They’re cost-effective

In these uncertain times, it seems as if we all long to return home to a reassuring glow. It also makes sense to add value to your property and to consider the fuel costs. Wood averages out at 2.5p per KW hour – electricity is 11p and rising! Logs are often supplied locally in your area, which means you are also feeding back into your local economy, which is good for your community, your pocket and the ‘feel-good factor’.

From an interior design perspective, there are an array of designs and solutions to fit every type of building and budget. Town and Country Fires have been a family business since 1977 and have a deep understanding of all the benefits, both emotional and financial, that solid-fuel, wood and multifuel stoves can bring to clients.