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The first stoves were purely functional, used only for cooking food, drying clothes and heating homes. Many of our timeless designs pay homage to the origins of the stove with their classic features. But today a stove is so much more than just a necessity. They can be beautiful, striking and quirky in their own right. That’s why we’ve made every stove in our range available in nine different colours – as well as black! Here are a few of our favourites and how best to show off your splash of colour.

Three cheers for Charcoal

If you’re leaning towards the traditional black, but want a slightly gentler tone, then you should seriously consider our understated Charcoal colour as the finish for your new stove. The matte finish is smart and subtle and will draw the gaze but without demanding it. And rest assured that all of our special paints are heat resistant to high temperatures.

Find your Mojo with Mojave Red

Of the non-traditional colours, this is our most popular, and you can see why. Vibrant yet enigmatic, Mojave Red is not for wallflowers. We’d recommend pairing this popping deep red with one of our more contemporary designs such as the Pickering or Langdale. And you can see for yourself how well it goes with the Dalby model in the product images here.

Pewter the Perfect Pick

Complete the industrial chic look with a pewter stove as a feature in your space. The genuine metal colour gives our pewter stoves an authentic appearance, while also creating a shining centrepiece for any room. Every one of our coloured paints – pewter included – is mixed up using a special formula that resists chipping and fading even in high temperatures.

Make it Moss Green Metallic

Our tip for this sumptuous green is to set your stove in front of a red brick hearth or wall and then simply let the colour to do the talking. The contrast between the red of the brickwork and the metallic moss is stunning. And because of its deep hue, the moss green metallic suits every model including our classic designs.