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At Town & Country Fires we are proud to offer you a range of stoves, from wood-burning to solid fuel, and gas. We also take advantage of the latest fuel technology to manufacture eco-friendly and smoke controlled models.

But once you have made the choice of which kind of stove to buy, there is another vital decision to be made: what style of stove to go for. Our stoves come in a variety of designs and styles and we have put together this handy guide to choosing the perfect model for your home.

Make an Inset Statement

If you are keen to make the most of your floorspace, then an inset stove could be the one for you. Rather than sitting on a hearth that extends out into a room, an inset stove is recessed into the wall, often in a chimney breast. Take our Rosedale Inset ECO Smoke Control, an understated and elegant model with a large curved glass frontage for a spectacular view of the fire. Choosing from one of our inset stoves will help you free up space in compact rooms and create that cosy fireplace look. Your inset stove can even create a feature wall.

Ooze Traditional Charm

A vintage stove is a timeless piece that will age with distinction. Going for a traditional aesthetic doesn’t have to limit your options, because along with elaborate stoves with ornate design details we have also perfected that understated classic look. Our Bransdale Smoke Control Ecodesign is a superb example of this traditional style, with a bordered door, chunky hinges and vintage-look fittings on the front.

Go cylindrical in style

We love traditional designs, but we also enjoy manufacturing modern stoves for contemporary living. Our round and curved stoves represent the coming together of tried and tested techniques with a bold style that demands to be noticed. The Langdale ECO Smoke Control model comes with the option of bespoke side panels of curved glass to show off the flames and add some drama to your living space. Our cylindrical stoves make sleek centrepieces but also nestle neatly into corners and alcoves.